Flat Roof Repairs

Leading Edge Knowledge. Quick and Effective Service.

While each roofing system is designed and built differently, emergency repair methods can be more effective than others. Our expertise and knowledge of roofing systems give the proper and precise insights needed when identifying where the issue is occurring from with the most suitable, cost-effective solution.

At times, emergency repairs tend to be faults or failures in the roof membrane of termination, which can be rectified relatively quickly to ensure your investment below doesn’t endure further damage. Whether it is a recommendation, scheduled repair, or temporary fix, Austin Roofing America has a solution for you. Contact us today. 


Austin Roofing America works directly with leading-edge building envelope suppliers allowing for fabrication on-site to be completely seamless and fitted directly for your building’s requirements and technicalities. 

Austin Roofing America prides itself on our sheet metal division for custom sheet metal fabrication on-site with a variety of metal products and systems available on the market today.

Steel Roofing Systems and Sheet Metal Services Include:

  • Commercial Steel Roofing Systems
  • Sloped Steel Roofing Systems
  • Vertical Steel Sidings
  • Custom Steel Fabrications
  • Metal Deck Replacement
  • Metal Cap Flashings
  • Metal Claddings & Finishes
  • Metal Counters & Transitions


Austin Roofing America has extensive experience and knowledge in the single-ply roofing systems on the market today with TPO resulting in one of the most popular products used in the industry as we know it today. While TPO remains in the family of cool roofing systems and being a white rubber product, this is a system we pride ourselves in being experts in terms of millions of square feet serviced over the years. 

(Type in GAF tpo’ roofing products, and there are exceptional points to add from your perspective) 


Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems, known as “Torchdown” is a heat applied system that has been known in the roofing industry for decades over time. 

Some of the benefits attributed to Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are the thickness and granulated surfaces, which serve a durable, impact-resistant surface, ensuring the durability of the overall roofing system envelope.

Preferred Modified Bitumen Roofing System manufacturers include BP, IKO, and Soprema, also used for below-grade waterproofing applications.


Built-up roofing systems known as “tar and gravel” were a substantial success paving the pathway for commercial roofing systems as we know it today. Some of the key attributes and benefits to a “tar and gravel” Built Up Roofing System are the overall thickness and the number of applications through impregnating layers of hot tar and felt, including a minimum of one inch of loose gravel poured over the top. 

This application process can be installed through a hot-applied approach, cold-applied approach, or ballasted approach.

Preferred Built Up Roofing System manufacturers include BP, IKO, and Soprema. 


When fluid-applied roof restoration systems came into the commercial roofing industry over thirty years ago, our Canadian division was the first company to begin installing these systems throughout Ontario. While white rubber technologies began to lead in the forefront, Austin Roofing continued delivering on its promise. Quality, Service, Longevity. 

While there are many options in the fluid applied roof restoration systems, Austin Roofing America continues working with the largest and most leading-edge manufacturers to ensure the highest performing option is chosen for your buildings design.

Fluid-applied roof restorations are essentially a liquified version of your single-ply roll-out membranes with a white rubber aesthetic appeal. This is your highest-performing option in terms of puncture resistance, reflectivity, cost comparison, and the eliminated factor of adding hundreds if not thousands of screws and fasteners through your roof deck. This is your completely seamless, fully adhered, impregnated roofing system.